FREE Training Webinar: $1.7 Million Dollar Blueprint

Do you feel frustrated with your email marketing efforts? Do you feel like even simple campaigns are under achieving despite the seemingly brilliant marketing planning and execution? You’re not alone. Really, there’s nothing more disappointing than spending hours and hours on a campaign, only to see poor open rates, terrible click-through rates, and increasing unsubscribe […]

Expired Domain Gold

Buying expired domain names is not a new practice. Many marketers have been doing this for quite some time and claim that it was a brilliant move. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. True enough, expired domains have no practical value to their previous owners, but could be a personal gold […]


Hate manual backlinking? Well, who doesn’t? Every busy marketer needs a reliable link building tool. Something that can effectively help increase Google rankings as well as help save time and money. While there are plenty of social bookmarking tools available these days, not all are created equal. One impressive link building system that you might […]

Spyder Spanker

Still looking for a way to protect your website from “bad bots”? Then Spyder Spanker may be all you need. First, it is important to know that many spiders like Google bots are pretty harmless. However, there are also many bots that come from spammers and hackers who want to attack your site. These “bad […]

VVC Syndicator 2.0

Videos are more likely to go viral, particularly if they are interesting enough. There are plenty of video marketing tools available these days, and one really awesome piece of WP plugin that you may find pretty useful is VVC Syndicator. This tool can efficiently turn your blog into a video syndication hub! Originally, this plugin […]

The Logo Creator

Want to create your own images but don’t have the technical skills or enough money to hire a designer? You may want to check out this cool piece of software, The Logo Creator. With this tool you can create almost any kind of images – for page headers, blog graphics, Youtube overlay watermarks and more! […]

ICC Keyworkz and Silo Factory Plugin

Having trouble finding your money keywords to use on your blog? Check out this cool software ICC Keyworkz with its partner, the Silo Factory plugin. You can use them together to make sites that will make you money! ICC Keyworkz uses the Google Keyword Planner as a part of its functionality. Aside from the search […]

OptimizePress 2.0 Pro

Want to build a site that would look great any device? Don’t want to spend so much money on hiring a designer and coder? Wish you could create attractive sales pages, squeeze pages, membership sites, and more, painlessly in just a matter of minutes?Well, OptimizePress 2.0 is what you need. OptimizePress 2.0 is a WordPress […]

SendReach Auto Responder

Can your email service provider help you market to your list based on target audience? Yes, that’s very possible if you have SendReach. This cool email marketing platform allows you to communicate with your list effectively as it more targeted. Here are the key features and perks of this amazing auto responder: Simplicity of Interface […]

Page View Exploder

Looking for ways to raise your website’s traffic stats? Check out this cool new plugin, Page View Exploder. As it name suggests, this plugin helps increase blog traffic by providing a small piece of code for your posts and pages, which in turn creates a keyword-based slideshow. Here’s a quick video explaining how this awesome […]