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Cliks Bringing You Back Lost Visitors On Autopilot


Never Loose a Visitor Again

Once you share content on any of the top social sites that visitor is lost to you, but using Cliks IT you can share the content and still keep the visitor. You can still advertise to that visitor even after they have clicked on your shared content.


Make Your Content Go Viral

Making your content go viral has never been easier than using Cliks IT see what your visitors like and what they share. Full profile for all users who click on anything you share from location to browser and more.


Engage With Lost Visitors

Engage with your lost visitors, if they have clicked on the latest diet you have shared. You know instantly that visitor is interested in dieting…show them a diet ad…an optin for a free diet…all from the content you have shared. No matter where it is located.


Instantly Build an Active List

If you share an article on the latest diet fad from the you know that person who clicked on your shared content is interested in dieting. You could show an optin directly on the offering a free diet tips…instantly building your list.


Income From Your Lost Visitor’s

Drive income from your lost visitors. Everyone shares content daily but you do not make anything from it. Imagine you can instantly advertise directly to any visitor who clicks on your shared content. They click on a funny video about cats…show them an affiliate offer directed at cat owners.



There is a full analytics built into the software. You can see where your visitors are coming from using the full GEO breakdown. Track conversion and performance of your messages and ads. Referrals, traffic and more with full real time reporting from our in depth graphs


Retarget Any Link Shared

Any link shared can now be retargeted using Perfect Audience or Facebook retargeting. Use this to quickly build custom niche audiences. Share an article on the latest game and build a custom audience of gamers.


Use Your Own Domain

You don’t have to use the Cliks.It domain buyers can add in their own domain so the link will be branded to themselves rather than our domain. Again this was going to be an upsell in the funnel but we have added it to front end to stack even more value for your buyers.


Social Sharing

Social sharing directly built into the web app. So you can share your links and content directly from inside the application. We have Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Digg, Stumbleupon, Delicous and Vkontakte.