Fresh Bundle Master v2 – Review

Every bundle shows the total amount saved from the RRP on the entire bundle to make your offers even more attractive.
Fresh Bundle Master gives you a 90-dayAmazon cookie, compared to the usual 24 hours… so you don’t lose your sales to some other guy that comes along with a cheap trick to scoop up your traffic.
Use fully customizable calls-to-action to control every item of text within your bundle and lead your visitor all the way to the sale.
Use Amazon’s own in-house technology to decide which bundles will convert best
Get 24/7 professional support from the Fresh Team
Get exclusive access to a private mastermind group full of Amazon Affiliates that know what works (and what doesn’t).
That’s really just a small taste of how FBM is going to transform your ability to make money online.
Everything that has gone into FBM is there for a reason.
No Gimmicks And No Wasted Space
Fresh Bundle Master is built from the ground up with a single purpose in mind: to boost your commissions by selling more products to every customer you get.