NowDriven – Review

Here’s How You Will Benefit By Using
NowDriven Software And App

Lead Management at your fingertips.
It’s like having your office, in your pocket: This is good for you because losing notes, leads, schedule and clients can be embarrassing. Not to mention unprofessional… It’s so simple to use with all major actions are just a click of the button away.

Performance Tracking of Personal Analytics:
Online everyone is talking about how important split testing is and tracking of traffic along with conversion rates. But, Should you track these same moves offline. In the past, you had to use a pen, paper and or a spreadsheet. That’s so time-consuming that most never even bother. Which is too bad… But not anymore you’ll never have to deal with that again… NowDriven does the work for you.

This is what most CRMs out there do. The big business of a personal scheduler.
NowDriven is more that that. We have every move covered with our syncing capability. Sync with Google Calender and if you need iCal well Google already integrated, so all bases covered. Now you will get notifications on your cell phone about that next important meeting! Plus, you can work directly with your leads from the calendar hence, no jumping around just work your database. You can make events for Call Backs, Appointments, Phone Meetings, Reminders and Other. Pretty cool! Don’t you think?

This is BIG because You’ll never have to fumble around with your phone
Hand dialling or entering in addresses on your GPS to your next appointment. It even integrates with Skype, so you can dial out from your PC or Mac. It integrates with Google Maps and Google Maps App on your phone for better planning and routing of leads, Google Calendar, and Ical. All of this saves you a ton of time. So you can focus on what you do best!

Get a birds-eye view of your monthly business with this beautiful dashboard.
See where you are at with current goals. With the Goal Tracker Option Built-in: Build your own custom goal outline for daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals. Heck, you can build goals between any date range. Based on the activity of the things that make you money. Like Calls Made, Presentations, Drop-Ins, and Total Sales Numbers.

The NowDriven app is on both Android and iOS

This now just changes the game. In the future we may charge for the download. But for acting right now we are throwing it in

Integration with your Favorite Apps like Skype
So you can dial out from your PC or Mac via browser base. Turning your computer into a contact center. It integrates with Google Maps and Google Maps App for better planning and routing of leads, Google Calendar and ICal so your scheduled events won’t get lost. Again saving you tons of time.

Watch the NowDriven Demo Videos Below: