Qilio 2.0 – Review

Qilio 2.0 was created as a result of over 1,500 hours of research.

It’s based on teachings from top Facebook marketers, and it has been beta tested by 100+ users for 6 months. No glitches, no bugs, no problems!

Here Is A Summary Of All The Features:

1. Built-in RSS Feed Reader To Group Feeds – provides unique content for all of your fan pages

2. Content Library For Evergreen Niche Specific Content, And Keyword Relevant News Topics –  so you can discover related sub-niches within your large niches

3. 20+ Ready-Made Post Templates – with call to actions to promote your offers

4. 15 Top Google trending topics in real time – so you always know what people are talking about, right now

5. Smileys And Special Objects Library – effortlessly spruces up your posts

6. Image Background Library – lets you choose attention-grabbing backgrounds for all popular image posts such as quotes, coupons, memes and call to action image library

7. Public Domain Image Sources – lets you search using keywords from public domain sites, and attach images to the editor using the URL of image

8. Powerful Image Editor Module – helps you create custom image posts. Image editor tools include crop, rotate, add various filter effects, blur, and more

9. Video Posts Module – creates video post types. Select from latest online channels video feeds or search using keywords. Option to add your YouTube channels

10. Hashtags And Keywords Maintenance Module – automatically find dazzling content for all your fan pages

11. Post Schedule Maintenance Module – manages all your fan pages scheduled posts – reschedule, view the scheduled posts and delete scheduled posts

12. Post Analytics Module – lets you view the likes, shares, comments and other engagement and negative indicator data for your posts. Built-in logic to identify viral posts. Available only in the QILIO 2.0 PRO version.

13. Download CSV Reports – lets you get a snapshot of all for scheduled posts and post analytics modules