SendReach Auto Responder

Can your email service provider help you market to your list based on target audience?

Yes, that’s very possible if you have SendReach.


This cool email marketing platform allows you to communicate with your list effectively as it more targeted.

Here are the key features and perks of this amazing auto responder:

Simplicity of Interface

One characteristic of a quality program is it’s easy to use. SendReach is laid out very simply that even a newbie can very much find his way around.

Advanced Demographic Features

This auto responder reaches people better, because it has the ability to gather relevant information about your list. SendReach populates your database within 48 hrs of the demographic information of your latest subscriber. It acquires important details available in the public domain about the user by scouring social media sites. This cool program will give you a marketing advantage as you can then customize your efforts according to age, gender and location of your list.

Ultimately it will help improve your open rate and conversion ratio, and will reduce the number of people opting out of your list due to irrelevant offers sent to them.

Multiple Opt-in Methods

SendReach provides plenty options in terms of getting opt-ins, such as standard optin forms, one click opt-ins, engagement to GoToWebinar registration, and more.

social media opt inOne of the most useful functionality it offers is the social media opt-in. It breaks the barrier of the typical opt-in forms, wherein you’d need to type in your email address. People can easily opt-in by the click of a button to their social networks accounts.

Open API

This will allow you to integrate your own systems or have custom-made applications to incorporate with it.

Statistical Reports

SendReach also offers tracking capability through providing reports on your e-mail advertising and marketing efforts. This statistical reporting includes who, when and which emails got opened, and which web links were clicked. You can then enhance your sales and marketing channel based on these information.

Easy List Importation

If you currently have a listing with another auto responder solution you can easily import them into SendReach. So you need not to worry about dealing with technical stuff and ensure that you won’t lose anyone in your current list.

Listing Segmentation

You don’t want to annoy people in your list. So you should sort them accordingly. For instance, if someone comes to be a buyer, then you must move him to the buyers list. This way you don’t irritate new customers with unacceptable marketing offers. SendReach allows you to do this quite effortlessly.

Training Videos

Every function of SendReach is discussed in a training video on its particular page. So you won’t have to feel lost and spend time researching for assistance.

The initial cost may prohibit some people to get SendReach, but trust us with this one.  The product is very much worth its price tag.

Feel like it’s time to switch to SendReach?