Hate manual backlinking? Well, who doesn’t?

Every busy marketer needs a reliable link building tool. Something that can effectively help increase Google rankings as well as help save time and money.

While there are plenty of social bookmarking tools available these days, not all are created equal. One impressive link building system that you might be interested to try is SocialAdr.

How does it work?

It basically follows the principle of reciprocity. With their ‘Free’ account you have to share other users’ bookmarks in order to gain “credits” that you can spend to add and share your own bookmarks. The process is quite easy as everything is just a few clicks away.

With a paid account, all you need to do is add your bookmarks and leave the rest to SocialAdr.

Top social sites and links from diverse profiles

This tool is quite efficient in building backlinks from social media sites. You can be sure that your links are promoted only to the top social networking, microblogging, and social bookmarking sites. So you get links from hundreds of different profiles.

Twitter integration

These days, search engines are placing big consideration on “social signals”. As your bookmark is being tweeted hundreds of times using Socialadr, your rankings will increase as well as your organic traffic.

Automatic pinging

Whenever you add a bookmark to Socialadr, it pings the web page to notify the search engines. Thus, your links can be found faster and eventually rank higher.

Bookmarking sites properly maintained

It’s a common problem for marketers that the sites they use would break and would stay broken for a long, long time. With that, Socialadr boasts their proactive monitoring system. They frequently check the health of the sites they use and take the necessary action immediately if something seems broken or changed.

Everything is automated

Starting or pausing your bookmarks is just a click away. You’ll never have to log into your social media accounts over and over again.

Works from any computer, anytime, anywhere,

Even if they tweak, update, or add anything in their system, you need not to worry about anything because it’s hosted. Everything is available for the members right away – no re-installation, license keys, etc.

Real-time reporting

They also provide statistics about your marketing efforts in real time. Pretty useful, right?


Is it worth the try?

Of course! You can even join for free. Even if you opt for the paid account it would still cost less than hiring a decent SEO professional. Try it yourself and see its amazing results.