VVC Syndicator 2.0

Videos are more likely to go viral, particularly if they are interesting enough.

There are plenty of video marketing tools available these days, and one really awesome piece of WP plugin that you may find pretty useful is VVC Syndicator.

VVC Syndicator

This tool can efficiently turn your blog into a video syndication hub!

Originally, this plugin is designed to work with Viral Video Curator Pro. However, it’s been re-engineered to work on any WP blog, without the need for any other software.

Quick and Easy Uploading

With VVC Syndicator you can upload and distribute videos to three video sharing websites all at once – YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. Ultimately, it can help your blog get more views, potential shares, and more traffic.

SEO Tailored Text

This cool plugin also allows you to create SEO tailored tags, titles and descriptions. You can even use spintax to spin the text fields such as the description and title for unique content.

Increase Search Engine Rankings

Videos tend to be more searchable. With a minimal amount of effort, your videos can perform better in search listings with the use of VVC Syndicator. YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo are known websites so the videos being uploaded in these sites tend to get high rankings in Google results.

Also, viewers would likely want to know more about your business after watching the video. So they will be prompted to visit your website.

More Exposure

People love sharing videos. Actually, it’s a big part of the social media. If you create or share awesome videos, people are going to share them. This will eventually lead to increased interest in your products and services.

Here’s a short video on how VVC Syndicator works: